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Jan 16


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Jan 16

Its great that you planned to start blogging, but before you begin you should know a few things which will play a major role in making your blogging career successful or result in a failure. Planning is very important and so is to have a successful start. You sure don’t want to start something, which will stop to interest you later. Here are 10 such things that will help you make a better blog from the first day.

  1. Know your interest – Yes, it’s important to analyze your interests. The first step is to know the topics that interest you. That can be tech, health, alternative medicine, green movement, news, web2.0 stuff, Internet and blogging fundas or any other thing. So just go through the options and once you select your topic, sit back, take a pen and a notebook and write down atleast 10 articles on that topic. These 10 articles will make it clear for you, that you want to write on that topic or not and you can write on that topic or not (big difference between ‘want’ and ‘can’). Remember, you need to write atleast 3+ good quality articles daily on that particular niche once your blog gets live, so if you are already facing problems to write your initial articles, you should better find a different niche. This small little tip will help you become a better niche blogger.
  2. Make a budget – This will be a decision that will shape up your blog. You want it all free, go to or and get a free blog. Highly un-recommended. That’s why it’s good to setup a yearly budget for your blog. Registering your own domain will cost you $10 a year and a hosting account on godaddy or hostgator type of hosting service will cost you $5 to $10 a month. This might sound a little big if you are a school student or a collage student with no part time work and no good parent that pays pocket money, or if you are unemployed man with 5 kids to feed. But rest assured that 90% of bloggers do earn back the hosting fees in a year or two, and its also a fact that in a years time you will not only have earned enough money to buy a domain but also you will curse yourself that why you have not started out with a domain in the first place.
  3. Know your purpose – Not everyone wants to blog for money, may be you just want to blog for fun or you want to make a news blog or a company blog to update your clients with the latest happenings from your company or use it for product launch. So many possibilities, thus its important to figure our why you want to blog. If you are just for the money, make sure you are not on a very competitive niche or a general niche and your selected niche has high paying advertisers.
  4. Plan your time – You have to go to school, take tuitions and then extra classes and exams, work over time in your office, go out with kids, girlfriend and wife, go to a restaurant for business meeting or possibly go abroad for business tours. Where is the time? When will you blog? It’s not easy to give a dedicated time to your blog; yes your blog needs time. You need to post, upgrade it sometimes, research and stay updated, reply and read posts. Read and comment on other blogs and so on. Decide your blogging time, else you will have a neglected blog.
  5. Personal blog plans – if you are planning to setup a personal blog then its important to first know that, “how much personal is – too personal”. Ask your friends and family member and take their permission before posting articles about them or their photos etc. Also, please note that personal blogs, if it’s only personal then it might not make you a lot of money, unless you are a celebrity.
  6. Health problems – Desktops are a reason for back pain and laptops are a reason of neck pain and apparently I have both. Yes, blogging all day long has serious health problems. If you are serious about your health and especially if you are having some health problems like Spondylitis or other backbone problems, then you must rethink about your blogging career a bit more.
  7. Ups and downs – Blogging life has serious ups and downs and many of those are not even under your control. Their will be times when you won’t have anything to post, or your traffic might go down without you doing anything wrong, or its even possible for your blog to get penalized on search engines etc. so brace yourself for the up and down roller coaster of blogging life before you jump on it.
  8. Register and reserve names – names on popular social sites are like real estate, they just go away if you are lazy. So go out and register your blogs name on those popular social sites. Make sure to build a good profile on most big social bookmarking websites like digg, stumbleupon, propeller, mixx etc.
  9. Network with other bloggers in your niche – Twitter, facebook etc. are good ways to network with fellow bloggers; you can start commenting on their blogs right away.
  10. Extras – So, hopefully you got 10 articles ready, and have a very good, sweet, simple and short, brandable domain name which matches your niche. Its time to setup your blog. Choose the blogging script as wordpress; seriously there is nothing better. Once you have setup wordpress its time to customize it and keep blogging as much as you can.

Blogging is not instant rich formula but if you are persistent, you can easily start earning enough to atleast pay your bills. Once you have a blog, its time to read about things to do after making a blog.

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