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Dec 27


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Dec 27

2009 was the year when I had expanded my business many folds and got into many projects, many of which were successful ventures. Am happy with the way things shaped up in 2009, I couldn’t have asked more. Firstly, my home office was established and next I bought my car, Maruti Alto. Apart from personal achievements, my blogs also reached the realistic targets that I had set for them. But 2009 is over and a whole new year is waiting for us bloggers, and I have some plans to achieve, following are my 2010 goals in the coming year.

Tech Nascent – Am taking up tech nascent as my primary blog and I will devote most of my day’s time to tech nascent. I have big targets for tech nascent and I will work very hard in achieving them. Currently tech nascent is at pr3 with an Alexa rank of 150k. The comments count is reaching 500 and I have 100+ posts on it. Here’s my breakdown of targets for tech nascent.

  • March 2010 targets – 1000 comments, 150+ posts, under 100k Alexa.
  • June 2010 targets – 5000 comments, 300+ posts, under 70k Alexa
  • September 2010 targets – 10000 comments, 500+ posts, under 40k Alexa
  • December 2010 targets – 15000 comments, 800+ posts, under 20k Alexa

I would be really happy if I achieve these targets, and I will do my very best to achieve them. All are realistic targets, and with hard work and dedication, it’s achievable.

Starton – I took over the ownership of starton in early 2009 and since then I have been working on it, and its coming up really good. Starton is crossing 10k unique a month, with about 12k+ members. A good portion of traffic is coming from search engine and referral traffic from various sources. Starton is a dofollow social bookmarking website; at starton we promote quality links. I have also been able to build a starton vote it button for your wordpress blogs, I will be very happy if you guys give the vote button a try. Thanks. At this stage I don’t have a very specific target for starton, I would just let it grow naturally.

open article submission

open article submission

Open article submission – It’s a unique content article directory; I only accept unique and high quality article submissions. This is one of my highest traffic website, with close to 20k unique visitors a month. I was very happy to find that Google has very recently given it the site links. Guest articles are welcome at open article submission. My 2010 targets for OAS are simple, I would accept good unique articles, and I will promote all submitted articles with the best of my ability. OAS, is one of my oldest websites, I had setup this site back in 2007 as an article directory. I had submitted articles myself and many other bloggers had submitted high quality guest articles over the years, am looking forward to see more high quality submissions at OSA.

sniff india

sniff india

Sniff India – An India targeted general and tech news blog. I have plans to bring in webmaster and blogger interviews at sniff India. I will start this plan in January 2010. Sniff India has over the months increased a lot in traffic, it’s about 7k+ unique a month, which is mostly search engine traffic.

Personal plans – I got loads of personal plans in 2010. Here’s the breakdown of it, point wise.

Health – I have not yet followed strictly the health plans I laid down for myself last year. I still have to work on getting up early in the morning and some days am still up very late in the night blogging. I have to fix my daily routine, it’s still pretty much messy. Waking up late follows late breakfast, late bath, and late lunch and so on, which is very much unhealthy and causing some indigestion related problems. Though from last year I had been able to improve on many things as well, for example am doing evening walks on a regular basis :)

Investments – I have considered it last year but did not work on it. I want to stop my stupid expenses and focus on making long term investments. Realistically, I have bought all that I wanted to, so I don’t find anything useful to waste my money on, so am planning to start making investments and use the money in a better way.

Blogging time – I have big plans regarding the amount of time that I want to invest towards blogging. Am going completely social at tech nascent and will make sure to give a fair portion of the days time to this blog, will make sure to reply to every comment posted on tech nascent. Also, I will actively comment on other blogs, something I have started not long back, but I see the potential and fun in commenting and networking with other bloggers. It’s not just a useful marketing strategy but a very addictive habit; I just love commenting and reading new posts on other blogs.

Niche sites – I will work hard on the niche blogs and sites that I have, I won’t go into details about it, just want to say that I have big plans for them, and I will outsource as much as I can to make those niche blogs popular.
Services – I have been providing webmaster services since long, but have not promoted it actively yet. In the later part of the 2010, I will market my services more actively.

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