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Sep 14


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Sep 14

Its great that you have setup your blog using wordpress, if you haven’t already, then its time to know about the things that you should do before installing wordpress. Now is the time to take the second step. Its time to customize your wordpress installation and set it up, once and for all. Once all the set up is done, feeds and other things are customized then there is nothing more to worry about and you can keep blogging all day long and make an active and popular blog. So, following are the steps that are required to take after a wordpress installation is complete.

1 – Configure your wordpress settings:

  • Recently self-hosted wordpress blogs running on older versions were getting hacked. Even if your blog is running on the latest version, still to be safe, turn off the user registrations. To do that, login to your wordpress admin panel and click on general, under the settings tab. Uncheck the option that says, “Anyone can register”. On the same page, fill up the title and tag line.
  • Next, go to the reading tab, under settings and select “summery” to display on feeds. This will save your content from the feed scrappers.
  • Go to the Discussion option, under settings and choose the options that you like. Enable nested comments, don’t break up comments into pages, admin must always approve comments are a few of my favorite settings.
  • Privacy settings – make sure your blog is visible to all search engines; if the “block all search engine” option is selected then your blog will not be indexed on the search engines.
  • Permalinks – just select the custom option and put this in the text area, “/%postname%/”

2 – Feedburner – Go to feedburner and configure your feeds.

To do that, just go to, it will most likely re-direct you to – Signup with you Google account. Once you are signed in, enter your wordpress feed, it will be You will need to activate your feed, after that you can start using it.

In your feedburner account, you will find optimize and publicize options. Browse through the choices and select the ones that you need. Add some chicklets like, “add to Google” etc buttons on your blogs sidebar. Show off your feed subscribers count and boast about it from time to time to gain more feed subscribers. Like I boast of my measly 20+ subscribers :P

3 – Technorati – Go claim your blog

Technorati rankings are a great status symbol for a blog, specially if the rankings are good. I wish my blog someday makes it to top 100 of technorati blog list (I can atleast dream, can’t I?).

To add your site to technorati, just visit – and sign up for a free account. Go to blogger central and click on, “claim your blog”. It’s an easy process, just paste your blog’s URL and start the claim. The claim rule of technorati has changed recently; now all that you need to do is to post a new post with the code that you get in the second step of your blog claim.

4 – Install popular plugins

Good that I don’t have to go details on this one as I already have posted an article before about my favorite wordpress plugins. However, some new plugins that the list might not cover will be tweetmeme button and sexy bookmarks plugin.

5 – Get a cool theme

I love revolution themes; it’s a paid magazine type theme. There are some reasons why prefer premium paid themes over free themes or custom themes. WordPress, is a CMS that throws a new update every week or so. This way it becomes very hard to keep your custom coded theme updated. Most free theme do not find much updates anyway. Thus, premium themes has an edge over other themes.

When everything is ready, start with adding 10 super posts that you already have ready with yourself. Never start off a blog with 1 post, it’s a big turn off. Get atleast 10 super posts to start with.

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