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Dec 26


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Dec 26

This Christmas, I decided not to stay online and celebrate Christmas in front of my computer like every other festival I have done so far this year. So, we planned to do some side touring around our place, like visit the kanke dam, which is very close to our house, yet I had not managed time in years to give it a visit. Also, we decided to eat only junk food throughout the day. I really do not eat junk food neither recommends so, but once in a while it does not hurt.

We went out in the morning, and yes, I took a morning bath, it’s cool :D Then, we straight away went to some fast food stalls and bought pizzas, hotdogs, French fries, cake and some pateez. This was our lunch, I never had such a lunch ever, whenever we went out, we mostly went to some restaurant and ordered proper meals, but junk food as a lunch surely seemed loads better :P

After lunch we headed straight to the kanke dam, which has changed over the years to look more like a tourist place. It was good; we walked around the dam and then returned home. Over all it was all very good and a completely different festival celebration. So guys, how did you all celebrated Christmas.

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