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Dec 26


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Dec 26
technascent visitors stats

technascent visitors stats

On December 2008, tech nascent has completed one year. The first year of technascent was full of ups and downs. When I started technascent last year, I wanted it to become a tech article directory. Later when I saw only Spam coming its way and no real content being submitted, I changed my plans and made it a tech blog. I always wanted this site to be a big website with lots of traffic, however I only got myself to blame for it not being as good as I wanted it to be.

I converted this site to a wordpress blog and copied all the articles from the old site to this blog and re-directed all the old articles to the blog post of this new blog. Things at tech nascent are looking to settle down finally. I have almost completed all the editing part of the theme and the blog looks ready, all the plugins that I need are installed.

Here is some stats for tech nascent so far. In the last one year, technascent got 7,134 unique visits and 14,636 page views. Search Engines sent a total of 3,483.00 (48.82%) and Referring Sites sent a total of 2,272.00 (31.85%) visitors. Google has sent 23% of the total visits and yahoo 22%. Stumble upon sent a 16% of the total visitors; almost all of it was when the site started.

My future plans with technascent:

  • I would like to reach the 100 unique visitors a day target first. That’s my next 30 days target.
  • Entering the 100k Alexa ranks will be cool, and a 3 months time will be good to achieve that.
  • I will start a few contests or may be a blog challenge with another blog will be good.

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